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California drug charges, such as drug possession, drug sale, or narcotics use, are serious crimes that can result in prison sentences, jail time, hefty fines, rehabilitation programs, and other stiff penalties. You will need a skilled drug crime lawyer such as Ronald A. Ziff to fight on your behalf.

Experience Matters

Having been a former prosecutor and California criminal defense attorney for more than four decades, Los Angeles drug crime lawyer Ronald A. Ziff continually secures favorable outcomes for the firm’s clients. He knows how the system works and uses it to their advantage. Early and aggressive intervention have prevented prosecutors from filing criminal charges against the client.

Drug Charges

A conviction resulting from drug charges frequently carries stiff punishments such as prison time. When facing drug charges, a skilled drug crime lawyer such as Ronald A. Ziff, can argue on your behalf for a reduced or alternative sentence.

Drug Laws

Former California prosecutor Ronald A. Ziff has handled cases involving all kinds of illegal substances, ranging from cocaine to crystal meth and marijuana possession, not to mention the full suite of designer drugs available on the streets including ecstasy as well as stringently controlled substances such as ketamine.

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Drug Crimes

Drug crimes for the sale and possession of illegal drugs and controlled substances, including heroine, cocaine, marijuana, and other illicit drugs.

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California criminal defense attorney
A former California prosecutor with over four years of impressive credentials, Ronald A. Ziff handles all of the firm’s criminal defense matters.
California appellate attorney
Abby Besser Klein is the law firm’s California appellate attorney whose exceptional command of the legal system has been proven in many high profile cases including the Twilight Zone and Rodney King cases.

Drugs and Narcotics Defense

A Los Angeles arrest for drug possession, drug sale, or narcotics use can result in a prison sentence, jail time, hefty fines, rehabilitation programs, and other stiff penalties. Don’t let your future be dictated by the California courts. Contact a seasoned Los Angeles drug lawyer, such as Ronald A. Ziff, for a winning defense.

Favorable Outcomes

It all begins with knowing how the system works. From anticipating results and decisions to working effectively within the parameters of the California legal system, the impressive credentials of Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Ronald A. Ziff, go a long way in repeatedly securing favorable outcomes.

Experience Matters

Attorney Ronald Ziff is a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer with a passion for winning. His aggressive nature, coupled with over thirty years of California and Los Angeles criminal defense experience, coupled with work as veteran prosecutor, qualify him to go up against any plaintiff attorney in Southern California and present a solid argument.

California Felony or Misdemeanor Offenses

For both misdemeanors and felonies, Ronald Ziff is an experienced criminal lawyer in Los Angeles relied upon by defendants and other California criminal defense attorneys for expert advice. He has prosecuted and defended thousands of people who were in situations just like yours. Since 1979, Attorney Ziff has been in private practice, successfully defending clients charged with California criminal offenses.

Raising the Bar

Ronald Ziff is a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer who stops short of nothing to achieve the most favorable case results possible. That may mean utilizing a variety of investigative techniques through a carefully selected Los Angeles private investigator, capable of uncovering pertinent facts. Or it could involve tapping several resources from a pool of well-established courtroom and legal relations. The effort that goes into each and every Los Angeles criminal defense matter is clear and the results worthwhile.

The Importance of California Appeals

SoCalCriminalDefense offers services above and beyond the average Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Partnering with Abby Besser Klein, a skilled and effective California appellate attorney who has been in private practice for more than 25 years emphasizing criminal appeals and writs, this California law firm’s astounding research, writing, and courtroom skills are second to none.

Credible and Trustworthy

The outstanding reputation won by the firm stems from an exceptional level of respect Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer, Ronald Ziff, has earned from former clients and the legal community, including judges, California defense attorneys, and prosecutors.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer; California Attorney Appeals

Immigration Consequences

Even misdemeanor crimes such as spousal battery, drug and/or weapons offenses or multiple petty theft convictions can lead to deportation of aliens including those individuals currently holding Green Cards.

Professionals Licenses

You have worked hard to obtain your license.  You don’t want to lose it.  An arrest and/or a conviction may affect your career, your earning capacity and your family life. We work hard at understanding the relationship between representing those accused of crimes and the possible effect upon their professional licenses.

Criminal Appeals and Writs

Vestibulum lobortis. Have you or a loved one or friend suffered a guilty verdict or criminal conviction?  This is a stressful and frightening time.  Perhaps you feel that you did not receive a fair trial. Anyone who has suffered a criminal conviction has a right to appeal their conviction to a higher court.

Risk-Free Consultation

At SoCalCriminalDefense, we take a hands-on, personal approach with our clients. Your case will be handled by Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Ronald Ziff, or California criminal appellate attorney, Abby Klein—and not handed down to an associate attorney with less experience. The firm’s outstanding philosophy, combined with individual client care, is reflected in the positive results consistently earned.