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California Bench Warrant Pickups

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Being Picked Up Under a Bench Warrant

Los Angeles, California bench warrant attorney, Ronald Ziff, has decades defending criminals A California bench warrant is an order issued by a judge for your immediate arrest. If you are pulled over for an infraction as minor as a traffic violation the officer will:

Take your California driver’s license
Conduct a warrant check via radio
Learn of the bench warrant

You will then be arrested, jailed, and taken before a judge as soon as possible. A bench warrant can be enforced regardless of whether you are picked up in California or elsewhere in the United States. If you discover that a bench warrant has been issued in your name, contact a criminal defense attorney, such as Los Angeles drug lawyer Ronald A. Ziff for assistance and representation.

Why Bench Warrants are Issued

California bench warrants are not issued for ordinary criminal offenses such as possession of illegal drugs; instead, a bench warrant may be issued by a judge for a number of different reasons, such as:

If you fail to comply with a court order, a bench warrant can be issued.
If you fail to appear in court for a hearing; or
If you fail to pay a fine as ordered by the court, you can receive a bench warrant.
A bench warrant can also be issued if you fail to present the court with proof that you have completed community service or a drug rehabilitation program incident to sentencing for a drug charge.
Under a California bench warrant, you are charged with contempt of court. This charge is added to any underlying criminal charge, such as a drug charge, for which you may have been ordered to appear in court in the first place.

If you are on probation for a drug offense at the time the conduct that triggered the issuance of the bench warrant occurred, you can be charged with probation violation. You may have to post bail to be released from jail prior to your contempt of court hearing. Contempt of court can carry serious consequences including:

Suspension of your driver’s license;
Imposition of a fine;
Denial of bail; and
Jail time.
You will also face trial for any underlying criminal charge that may have led to the issuance of a bench warrant, and a contempt of court charge may be used by the prosecutor to seek a tougher sentence. A skilled Los Angeles drug lawyer, such as Ronald A. Ziff, can help you to avoid some or all of these penalties.

You Have Options
Los Angeles drug lawyer Ronald A. Ziff has over 35 years of experience in criminal law, including years of service as a California prosecutor. He can work with the prosecutor and the judge to have your bench warrant recalled and quashed, meaning that it will be removed from the judicial system.

Misdemeanor or Felony
If your bench warrant arises out of a misdemeanor case, you do not necessarily have to be present at the hearing to have your bench warrant cleared. Even if your bench warrant is not recalled, the judge may release you with a warning after considering the circumstances that led to the issuance of the bench warrant, your prior criminal history, and the risk that you will fail to appear at a required court hearing.

If you learn of a bench warrant issued against you in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, or San Bernardino county, or if you have violated a court order issued by a court in one of these jurisdictions, contact Los Angeles drug lawyer Ronald A. Ziff for consultation, advice, and representation.

Early intervention by a skilled California attorney, such as Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald A. Ziff, to investigate your legal matter, review its details, and professionally handle your case will prove beneficial in the long run.
Contact Los Angeles Drug Lawyer Ronald Ziff to learn your rights and secure the best criminal and/or drug defense possible.

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