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Differences Between Federal and California Drug Laws

With regard to the drug laws under which an individual or organization might be charged, the primary, practical difference between state and federal drug laws pertains to the nature of the arrest. Generally, mere possession of drugs results in state law charges, which carry less severe penalties than their federal counterparts. Federal law applies when the following more serious activities are alleged:

  • Drug trafficking, including possessing with intent to distribute, distributing or manufacturing drugs
  • Drug manufacturing and operating facilities for manufacturing
  • Conducting a continuing criminal enterprise to traffic in drugs

Do the penalties for violating federal drug laws differ significantly from state law?

Federal criminal statutes generally carry much more severe penalties than their state counterparts and may land even first-time offenders behind bars for shockingly long sentences. While state arrests for simple possession are primarily charged only as misdemeanors, subject to certain exceptions, federal law triggers sentencing guidelines that seek to ensure time in prison. Furthermore, federal drug offenses may trigger a cascade of ancillary charges such as tax evasion and RICO violations with the years in prison multiplying at an alarming rate.



Defending Your Rights

When it comes to California drug laws, there is no one in the Los Angeles area with a greater depth of knowledge than Ronald A. Ziff. With more than thirty years defending clients charged with drug crimes, this Los Angeles drug lawyer has seen and heard it all. Cases represented include but are not limited to:

And more
Mr. Ziff has worked cases involving all kinds of illegal substances, ranging from cocaine to crystal meth and marijuana, not to mention the full cornucopia of designer drugs (e.g. ecstasy) and less stringently controlled substances (e.g. ketamine).

Anyone can research the California drug laws; they’re available to the public. But knowing the law is only half the battle. It is not just Los Angeles Drug Attorney Ronald Ziff’s understanding of California drug laws, but also his demeanor and record of success that have earned him widespread respect throughout the Southern California legal community…and more importantly, the gratitude of hundreds of clients freely walking the streets today.

Los Angeles Drug Lawyer, Ronald Ziff, has made his mark on the California court system as both a veteran prosecutor and as a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. He has had the rare opportunity to work from both sides and understand the processes involved. When it comes to the vast territory of California drug laws, Los Angeles Drug Lawyer Ronald Ziff knows the terrain, and knows it well.

California prisons are filled with many drug offenders who could have walked freely if they’d had a Los Angeles drug lawyer on their side, such as Mr. Ziff. Routinely, this Los Angeles drug lawyer has met success in having cases thrown out of court as a result of illegal search and seizure. Regardless of the California drug or narcotics offense you’re facing, Mr. Ziff will prepare a solid argument and give you the best defense possible.

California Appeals
Abby Besser Klein, a California appellate and writ attorney working alongside Mr. Ziff, also has considerable background with search and seizure issues. Frequently, lawyers from other California firms bring their clients to her for help with appeals. She has earned herself a formidable reputation, in no small part due to such high-profile cases as the Rodney King and Twilight Zone cases. Over twenty-five years of appellate experience have shaped her into the perfect partner for Mr. Ziff; their skills, personalities, and particular insights on California drug laws complement one another, all for the benefit of their clients.

Early intervention by a skilled California attorney, such as Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald A. Ziff, to investigate your legal matter, review its details, and professionally handle your case will prove beneficial in the long run.

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