Arrested in California

When a Visit Turns into a Violation

Facing California drug crimes or other serious criminal charges becomes more complicated when you are not a California resident. A visit to Los Angeles or other cities in California that results in an arrest and the filing of criminal charges may require your physical presence to wage a legal defense.

Securing the services of an experienced California drug lawyer, such as Ronald A. Ziff, will make your life much easier when it comes to court appearances and defending yourself. Paired with California Appellate Attorney, Abby Besser Klein, these Southern California drug lawyers know the procedures and court personnel and can handle your case while you continue on with your daily lives outside of the state.

Aggressive California Defense

Located in Los Angeles, California Drug Lawyer Ronald A. Ziff has decades of experience defending non-California residents for a vast array of criminal charges including drug crimes. Whether it’s marijuana possession, marijuana cultivation, cocaine use, ecstasy, possession for sale and sale of narcotics, or other illegal drug charges, Mr. Ziff’s expertise will go a long way in protecting your rights. When a California drug appeal is needed, Mr. Ziff’s legal partner, Abby Besser Klein, is available to take your appeal to the state and/or federal appellate courts.

Life After Arrest

California drug lawyer, Ronald A. Ziff, will represent your interest, so you seldom have to leave your home town, lose time at work, be away from friends and family, and appear in court—unless absolutely necessary.
Attorney Ziff will be in contact with you about the status of your case, informing you of the changes, progress, and expectations.
Our California criminal attorneys have handled many cases for clients who live out of the state or even out of the country.
You will be zealously represented; your life will continue without interruption.
The best advice is to get advice early on in the process so you do not make mistakes which later on will hinder the results of your case.

Early intervention by a seasoned attorney, such as California narcotics and Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald A. Ziff, to investigate your legal matter, review its details, and handle your case professionally will prove beneficial in the long run.

Contact Los Angeles Drug Lawyer Ronald Ziff to learn your rights and secure the best drug defense possible anywhere in the state. FREE CONSULTATIONS are available for both California drug felony and misdemeanor charges.