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California Gets Tough on Cocaine

In California, an arrest for the possession, sale, or trafficking of cocaine is a serious matter and requires the assistance of a skilled Los Angeles drug lawyer, such as Ronald A. Ziff.

Attorney Ziff has years of experience, knowledge, and proven success working with California and Los Angeles drug arrests, especially cocaine. Part of what makes Ronald Ziff an exceptional cocaine lawyer is that he’s worked both sides of the California justice system – as a veteran prosecutor and as a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. He thoroughly knows the other side’s process, and will bring that added advantage to the table on behalf of your case.

Your Best Defense

While many California defendants are convicted on drug offenses and wind up with stiff penalties including jail time, with the assistance of a skilled Los Angeles drug lawyer, such as Ronald Ziff, outright dismissals or lighter sentences could have been won.

Ronald Ziff brings to bear an extensive background in California drug cases. By examining your rights, the California law, surrounding evidence, searches without probable cause, and more, the most appropriate defense will be formulated.

Cocaine Arrest and Punishment

In California, the punishment handed down after a cocaine conviction will be determined by the following two factors:

The facts that surround your cocaine case
The aggravating and mitigating circumstances
When determining your punishment, California judges will consider both of these factors and reflect this in their treatment of your case.

Sentencing Enhancements

According to the California Penal Code, if an underlying fact or condition is met, additional prison time can be added to your sentence. Known as a sentencing enhancement, these conditions include:

Prior Convictions
Weight Enhancements
While sentencing enhancements can impact many types of California crimes, cocaine charges are certainly fair game for added penalties. Unless you have a solid California criminal attorney in your court, if you have been arrested on California cocaine charge(s), you will face significant penalties, including substantial prison time.

The Good News

Ronald Ziff is a seasoned Los Angeles drug lawyer who aggressively fights California cocaine charges with success. His years in Southern California courtrooms have earned him a solid reputation among the community; moreover, Mr. Ziff knows the judges and prosecutors and uses this to your case’s advantage. When you need an aggressive Los Angeles drug lawyer, one who will defend your rights to the very end, contact Ronald A. Ziff.

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