Possession of Marijuana

Marijuana Possession

Marijuana possession is a relatively low-grade offense, and if you ally yourself with a competent attorney who is experienced in these issues and has a proven track record, there is no reason for you to be steamrolled into some harsh sentence for what is essentially a minor crime. Ronald A. Ziff embodies the kind of valuable combination you’re looking for in just such an ally: a veteran prosecutor and a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. So if you procure his services, you know you’re taking on somebody who has seen this battle through the lens of the prosecution as well. That added insight is one of many advantages Mr. Ziff brings to the table on your behalf.

The jails are filling up with people who do not deserve to be there. Marijuana possession doesn’t have to be an act that ruins your life. Consider the following: many charges for marijuana possession can be dismissed outright because the police illegally collected evidence or your rights were otherwise violated. Mr. Ziff happens to have a long and successful history dealing with instances of illegal search and seizure. This is just one of many areas where Mr. Ziff, as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Southern California, is known for his due diligence. Now consider this as well: the consequences for being charged for marijuana possession can extend beyond the courtroom, and here again is where the services of someone of Mr. Ziff’s caliber are so vital. The ripple effect of such a charge could impact your employment, your professional license, the custody of your children, your freedom to leave the state while the case is pending, and – if you are not a U.S. citizen – your immigration status. None of this is meant to scare you. None of these issues are insurmountable. The point is, you don’t just need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of the laws regarding marijuana possession; you need an attorney with legal experience both broad and deep, someone capable of handling all the complex facets of your case at the same time. In other words, you need someone who can perform a legal juggling act, and as anyone who has heard Mr. Ziff’s silver tongue at the negotiating table, or seen his formidable presence before a jury, can attest to … the one sound you aren’t likely to hear in those moments is that of a ball being dropped. Of course Mr. Ziff can’t guarantee an outcome, but his record speaks for itself.

And yet as capable as Ronald Ziff is, he would be the first to extend equal credit to his long-time partner, Abby Besser Klein. Ms. Klein is an appellate and writ attorney with twenty-five years of experience, including high profile cases as the Rodney King and Twilight Zone cases. If you’ve gone elsewhere for legal representation for round one of your fight over a charge of marijuana possession and lost, you would be prudent to approach Ms. Klein to represent your interests for round two. In fact, when it comes to appeals, other attorneys in Southern California often seek her out on behalf of their clients.

And if you are a parent of a juvenile who is facing charges for marijuana possession, your child could not be in better hands than those of Ronald Ziff and Abby Besser Klein, who together have represented hundreds of juvenile court cases. Remember, there is no reason for a matter like marijuana possession to snowball into a cataclysmic event in your son or daughter’s life. If you are pro-active and seek the best possible representation right away, you can get the sentence reduced, or your child sent to an alternative program (rather than a juvenile detention center), or even get the charges completely dismissed. Mr. Ziff and Ms. Klein are available for consultations. The first step toward better peace of mind is yours to take.
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