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Clearing Your Record

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If you have a California criminal record, you know how difficult life can be. A criminal record is like a ball and chain that prevents you from freely functioning in society. A criminal record will impact:

Buying a house
Purchasing a car
Finding gainful employment
Achieving financial security
Until your California criminal record is cleared, your entire future is at risk; Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald A. Ziff, can help protect your future and get your life back on track.

Clearing Your Record and Expungement

Clearing your criminal record is also known as expungement, and refers to the legal process that allows your criminal case to be dismissed. While there is no such thing as “automatic” expungement, most criminal convictions, including misdemeanors and felony charges, can be expunged—with an experienced California or Los Angeles drug lawyer on your side.

Ronald A. Ziff, an experienced Los Angeles drug lawyer, can help get your case dismissed even after you have been convicted of a crime. In some cases, Mr. Ziff is able to accomplish this while you are on probation.
Expungement and Probation

Expungement can be a difficult and complicated legal process, especially if you are still on probation. In this situation, your California or Los Angeles drug lawyer will request, by way of motion, to have your probation terminated. There are many reasons for terminating your grant of probation, including:

To begin the expungement process
To begin the certificate of rehabilitation process
To take advantage of employment opportunities
A change in factual circumstances
Even if you are currently on Formal Probation, Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald A. Ziff, may be able to have the court convert your Formal Probation to a Summary Probation. The benefits of a Summary Probation include:

No drug testing
No drop-in visits to your home
No reporting to a probation officer by mail, phone, or in person
Expungement and Rehabilitation

In the state of California, you are not eligible to file a Petition for Rehabilitation until you have completed five years of residency plus additional time (depending on your conviction). After this rehabilitation period, if you have lived an honest and law-abiding life, you may be eligible to file a Petition for Certificate of Rehabilitation. This is the first step toward applying for a full pardon from the governor. Once a pardon is received, you will be allowed to exercise all civil and political rights.

Petition for a Court Finding of Factual Innocence

While a Petition for Factual Innocence is not often granted, there are proper cases for this type of relief, including:

If you want an arrest deleted from your record
If you have been arrested but not convicted of a crime
If you have been tried and acquitted of a crime
You bear the burden of proof and must prove your innocence in order to have a Petition for Factual Innocence granted; therefore, it is best to explore all of your legal options with an experienced California or Los Angeles drug lawyer immediately to avoid missing any deadlines. Ronald A. Ziff has been successful in having these petitions granted and can review every aspect of your case to determine if filing a Petition for Factual Innocence is best for you.

The Juvenile Court Sealing Process

Juveniles do not always make the right decisions. As such, they often find themselves facing serious legal consequences at a young age. If your child has been in trouble with the law, veteran California attorney, and Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald A. Ziff, can have your child’s criminal record sealed. This will allow your son or daughter the chance to start his or her adulthood with an unblemished record.

A simple phone call is all it takes to give your child a fresh start in society. In most cases, Mr. Ziff can conclude the sealing process without entangling you in lengthy court hearings. If there is a court hearing at the juvenile court, Ronald A. Ziff will be an aggressive legal advocate for your child’s future.

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