Juvenile Crime

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When Juvenile Offenders Are in Trouble

Juveniles and young teenagers often make poor decisions. When these poor decisions turn into crimes, your child can face serious legal consequences that can adversely affect his or her entire life. If your child has been arrested and charged with a crime, it is important to secure the services of an experienced and veteran California juvenile defense attorney immediately. An aggressive and zealous defense can help minimize the legal consequences your child will face, so you can focus on getting your child back on the right track.

Juvenile Crimes Are a Parent’s Worst Nightmare

In recent years, the juvenile court system has begun to focus on punishing the offenders, rather than rehabilitating them. As a result, juveniles who have been arrested can find themselves facing severe legal charges with stiff penalties.

These penalties can include:

Spending time in juvenile hall
Camp placement
Youth authority (a prison for juveniles)

While these institutions are geared towards children and juveniles, they are still, sadly, a scary and frightening place to be.

Time Matters

The moment your child is arrested, it is important to contact experienced California juvenile defense attorney and Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald A. Ziff, to prevent the situation from proceeding to the juvenile court. If your child’s case does go to court, Attorney Ziff will be an aggressive legal advocate for your child’s future and petition the courts for reduced penalties. Regardless of your child’s situation, California juvenile defense attorney, Ronald Ziff, will always fight for probation, restitution, community service, or the shortest confinement possible.

Juvenile Defense—Procuring the Best Defense

If your child has been arrested and charged with a crime, California juvenile defense attorney, Ronald A. Ziff, can help. Mr. Ziff, along with his law partner, Abby Besser Klein, has helped hundreds of families and teens regain their lives and their freedom after a juvenile arrest. By treating the “child” and not just the “crime,” Ronald A. Ziff and Abby Besser Klein can help you get your son or daughter back on the right track. Employing a variety of professionals such as:

Anger management counselors
And drug abuse counselors
Your child with be equipped with the tools he or she needs to get through this difficult time—and succeed in the future.

Juvenile Defense | Juvenile Sealing

If your child has a criminal record, it is important to have that record sealed as soon as possible. A California criminal record can have long-lasting consequences that can adversely affect your child’s future. By having your child’s criminal record sealed, you are offering him or her a fresh start.

If you are interested in sealing your child’s criminal record, contact the Law Offices of Ronald A. Ziff immediately. By providing a few important details including:

Court name,
Description of charges,
Case number,
And biographical information about your child,
California juvenile defense attorney, Ronald A. Ziff, frequently can finalize the sealing process without you ever having to attend court.

Please contact us 24/7 to schedule an appointment.